Special Scholarships

The Catalino Tapia Scholarship Foundation relies on individual donors to help sustain and grow our programs. Please consider sponsoring a scholarship in the name of a loved one, just like these supporters have done. 
For details, contact CTSF info-ctsf@ctsf.org.

The William A. Streshly Memorial “Stretch” Scholarship

We invite you to join the family and friends of William A. Streshly who have created a scholarship to honor his legacy and commitment to education. This scholarship will benefit aspiring public school educators. Thank you for your kind and generous donation. Please make note that you are donating to the Memorial Stretch Scholarship.

For more information, please contact Mary Streshly at mestreshly@gmail.com.

Maria Elena Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship 

Maria Elena Rodriguez emigrated to East San José over 50 years ago from Tapalpa, Jalisco, México. María Elena Rodríguez was the heart and soul of her family and community. She was a deeply loved mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, and friend...

AJ Trasvina Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors the artistic talent of AJ Trasviña. It will be awarded to scholars (s) who use their artistic talent and love for the arts to support their communities and promote love, kindness, tolerance, and acceptance.

DragonBall Frenchies are experienced breeders dedicated to breeding healthy French bulldogs.

This endowed scholarship, created by Rosendo Sanchez–CTSF scholarship recipient 2017–and Marta Torrez is for a student pursuing a nursing degree or a student pursuing a veterinary degree.