You are now taking the first step to make a difference in the education of a low-income student. Your donation is vital to continue supporting our underrepresented college students. The current dire times have proved to be challenging for our students of color. This is specifically true with their educational goals. Many of our students are on the verge of dropping out due to the lack of financial support.

Amidst the COVID-19, students of color and their families have been directly impacted financially by the virus’s ripple effect.

Today, we invite you to support our extraordinary and dedicated students. Your donation will contribute to a students’ education and pay for tuition costs, textbooks, and the internet. Additionally, your donation will enable each student to receive their Chromebook, to have full access at their fingertips.

CTSF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID# 81-0579134.  All charitable gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
We welcome and appreciate one-time or recurring credit or debit card donations.

The William A. Streshly Memorial “Stretch” Scholarship

We invite you to join the family and friends of William A. Streshly who have created a scholarship to honor his legacy and commitment to education. This scholarship will benefit aspiring public school educators. Thank you for your kind and generous donation. Please make note that you are donating to the Memorial Stretch Scholarship.

For more information, please contact Mary Streshly at mestreshly@gmail.com.

Additional ways to support our recipient’s educational goals.

Mailing check

Donations can be mailed at Catalino Tapia Scholarship Foundation at 727 Industrial Road, Suite 117, San Carlos, CA 94070.  If you choose to mail your donation, make your check payable to Catalino Tapia Scholarship Foundation.

Employer Match

Make your gift to the CTSF go even further! Many employers will match, dollar-for-dollar, or at a higher rate, any contribution you make to the CTSF means your donation will count event more. Just ask your company’s human resource office how you can take the first step to have your gift matched.

Tribute Gift

You may choose to select to make this donation, tribute, in honor or memory of. For this option, please email us directly at bagfoundation@bagsf.org

Giving Circle

A giving circle is a group of people with shared values that come together and pool their donations to contribute to a student’s educational goal.  Anyone can start a giving circle and encourage friends, colleagues, family members, or membership organizations to provide a scholarship to a deserving first-generation college student.  Members of giving circles can opt-in to receive an annual update letter from a CTSF scholar. Generally, giving circles commit to raising $2,000 (or more!) as a group to provide funds for a $2,000 scholarship and, if possible, a new laptop computer for scholars in need.

Our team can support you in attracting member-donors.  For example:

  • A CTSF board member or scholar can join a virtual event to address people in your network for 10 – 20 minutes.
  • We can supply you with an inspiring video or collateral that highlights our hardworking scholars or founder, Catalino Tapia.
  • We encourage those who want to start a giving circle to consider creating an online campaign to reach others in your network.  We have sample language at Mightycause.org

Planned Giving

I would like to include the Catalino Tapia Scholarship Foundation in my will or estate plans. For this option, please email us directly at bagfoundation@bagsf.org

Stock Donations

Donations of appreciated stock can benefit the Catalino Tapia Scholarship Foundation and provide you with significant tax savings. For more information, please contact us at bagfoundation@bagsf.org