The Impact of Our Programs

Since its inception, CTSF has contributed to a lasting impact for low-income, undocumented, DACA, and first-generation students in the community through the CTSF Scholarship Award, the Tapia Family Award of Excellence (TFAE), and the Chromebook Program.

Our programs offer support to students who are fighting to break systemic barriers to achieving a higher education.

The Impact of the
CTSF Scholarship Award

CTSF believes that the most powerful way for low-income and first-generation, DACA, and undocumented students to achieve a lifetime of opportunities is through higher education.

Awarded Scholarships
383 & Counting
Students Awarded
Scholarship Award
Awards $2,000 per student.
Empowers students to focus on school and excel academically.
Alleviates stress of juggling a part-time job by lessening the financial burden.
Can purchase textbooks and educational resources in advance.
Award of Excellence
$1,000 awarded to two students.
Supports student to pay for the first year of college expenses.
Aids the most financially vulnerable families to help students jumpstart their educational journey.

The Impact of the Tapia Family Award of Excellence

Mr. Catalino Tapia, our founder, worked as a gardener for more than three decades. Knowing first hand how difficult and physically exhausting the work is, he decided to create the Tapia Family Award of Excellence. The TFAE honors recipients whose parents work as gardeners, landscapers, fieldworkers, housekeepers, and Janitors.

Awarded Scholarships
27 & Counting
Students Awarded

The Impact of the Tech Card Stipend and Chromebook Program

From the very beginning, CTSF focused on supporting students with limited resources to have all the necessary tools to navigate college.

In 2016, CTSF created the Tech Card Stipend and Chromebook Program in order to equip students with the power of the internet and endless educational at their fingertips.

in Tech Card Stipends
Students Awarded
Tech Card Stipend and Chromebook Program
Now more than ever, having access to a laptop is crucial for students to continue with their studies.
Enables students to continue their lectures, connect with school portals, network with peers and professors.
Chromebooks serves as a tool to search for financial aid, such as scholarships.

Scholar Profiles

We bring you an update of the CTSF’s past recipients, who are now young professionals paving the way to leading successful lives. From their foundation in higher education, they serve as role models for future generations and give back by participating in their community through voting, volunteering, and community service.

Cinthia Moreno Ayala
University of California, Santa Cruz
Bachelor’s degree in Community Studies/ minor in Education
2017 CTSF

Scholarship Recipient

I want to say THANK YOU because I have gotten to this point in my academic and professional journey because CTSF believed in me and provided the financial support for me to keep on pursuing my academic and professional goals. I had some setbacks, which slowed down my progress in transferring to a university from San Jose City College. However, in Fall 2017, I attended my first quarter at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC).

This Spring 2020 quarter, I was awarded the UCSC Dean’s and Chancellor’s Award for Undergraduate Research (Cinthia Magana Moreno Undergraduate Awards Info). I also received my bachelor’s degree in Community Studies with an emphasis on Health and a minor in Education, and this month I became a certified EMT. I will be taking a gap year from academics to finish requirements to be able to apply to professional school and to become a Physician Assistant. I’m currently looking for employment. I have attached a photo that I kept from the CTSF scholarship ceremony and a current graduation photo. Again, thank you for everything.

2016, 2017 CTSF

Scholarship Recipient

In 2019, I graduated from UC Davis, and I am writing because I want to celebrate this milestone with you. Thank you so much for all your support. I would not have been able to pursue my passion, if not for the chance and trust that you gave me. Your support opened a lot more opportunities for me; you gave me time to develop various skills outside my classes. Because of you, I was not only able to thrive, but also excel. I was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA while being part of a research lab and leadership position. While at the lab, I was able to present at two (2) conferences, one of which is at a national label, where I won the award. A research publication is also now on the way. Furthermore, I started a STEM organization at UC Davis to support Hispanic and Native Americans.

As of now, I graduated with a BS in Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior with the university granting me awards such as the Highest Honor, Outstanding Performance Citation, and eight more. You have made all this possible for me, and I’m eternally grateful.

Currently, I am working in research to discover and develop drugs to treat rare cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, I am starting a CU disease prevention program for the community.I plan to continue my studies and pursue medicine in the next two years. Again, thank you so much for the trust, support, and opportunity. Your support means the world to my family and I. Rest assured that I would not stop here. I will further my education and create opportunities for those after me.

Janah May Oclaman
Bachelor’s degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior.
University of California, Davis

Current status Research Associate (Drug Discovery) at MyoKardia